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Caprock K12

“All of my dealings with Picaboo have been positive and of great benefit to myself and my journalism team. Because Picaboo does not require mid-year deadlines, we are able to cover more events in our K-12 yearbook. I am excited … Continue reading

Brooklyn High

“Beautiful product. Fast turnaround. Excellent customer service. Great work all around!” Nkomo M. – Brooklyn Community Arts and Media High School

Hayes High

“I love that Picaboo combines a quality, affordable product with a fun and simple way for our students to create a unique yearbook. And the unbelievable turnaround time allows us to include later-enrolled students and spring events.” Stephanie S. – … Continue reading

Frankston High

“As a first-year yearbook sponsor I felt unsure and intimidated, but between the ease of using Picaboo’s web-based program and the assistance I got from my account manager, I had a wonderful experience. The software was simple but created an … Continue reading