Satisfaction Policy

You’re almost there! But before you completely commit to your order, there are a few things we’d like you to consider.

At Picaboo Yearbooks (PYB), we are committed to the highest standard of quality. We put our trust in you, the customer, to send us the exact images and text that you would like printed. If, for some inexplicable reason beyond our control, you experience a manufacturing defect or receive a damaged order, please contact us within 30 days of receipt of your order. We’ll make it right by taking the necessary steps to resolve your issue and get that perfect project in your hands in no time.

Also, please understand that in cases where you are ordering a book partially or fully created by someone else, that creator, not Picaboo Yearbooks (PYB), is responsible for the aspects of the book detailed below. If you are concerned about the quality of the book, you can contact the creator and ask to view the book before placing an order.

Having a sudden change of heart about your order? Indecision can happen to the best of us. Fear not! Our customers can change or cancel their order within 30 minutes of placing it at no additional charge. After this 30-minute cancellation window expires, PYB immediately sends your order to the printer and therefore cannot offer refunds for the following:

  • Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation Mistakes. PYB does not proofread, spell-check or otherwise review the text of incoming projects. That being said – Please, please, please review and then re-review all text of your project before ordering. Proofreading makes perfect!
  • Image Quality Issues Including Low Resolution, Dark, Grainy or Blurred Images. We do not manually check the resolution or image quality of the images that are uploaded in a customer’s project. Be sure to pay close attention to any low-resolution warnings that appear while editing your project. PYB is more than happy to reprint any product that has experienced a printing error, however, we will not reprint a project with poor image quality caused by the images submitted.
  • Safety Zones. PYB offers “safety zone” warning, which is the area highlighted in yellow around the edges of your project. This zone indicates the area that will be cropped and is considered a safety zone. Because all PYB projects are handcrafted, there is some variability in the production process, and as such, we cannot be more precise. It’s best not to assume that the inner edge of the crop zone represents the edge of the printed page. Tip: To view the crop zone warning as you’re editing, click “View” in the top menu, and then select “Show Print Cropping Safety Zone.”
  • Miscellaneous Design. PYB will not take responsibility for any unintentional backgrounds/photos, unintentional pages or photos cut off within a layout. Therefore, we cannot stress enough the importance of double, or even triple-checking your projects before ordering.
  • Defects Created by Yearbook Contributors. We promise, we’re almost to the end of this list! PYB is not responsible for real or perceived errors or defects appearing in the yearbook if another contributor to the book created the errors or defects.
  • Ordering Errors. Moving right along; Any errors during the ordering process, such as the incorrect size, cover type, quantity, or shipping address; duplicate orders; or projects that were ordered prior to completion are the customer’s responsibility. Please proceed with caution when checking out.
  • Shipping Errors. Last one, guys. PYB is not liable for mistakes associated with shipping methods where it is unable to initiate any investigations or tracers for packages that have been shipped. We recommend selecting a traceable shipping method to avoid any shipping confusion or errors.

    The moral of the story? Take precautions when ordering. We do hope you understand. Thanks for taking this leap with us! We’re happy to have you on-board the yearbook revolution.