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Camp Memory Books

Lasting Memories

  • Zero financial risk.
  • 3-Week turnaround.
  • Easy online design.

Camp memory books are the perfect way to make summer last all year long.

Though it may only last a few weeks, summer camp can hold just as many wonderful memories as a school year–long hikes, swimming in the lake, or making s’mores by a campfire with new lifelong friends. Picaboo Yearbook makes it easy to capture these memories in a high-quality camp memory book, with prices starting at only $9.49.

Camp Books Made Easy


We’ll make your camp book (and YOU!) look good without reducing you to tears! Our free, online Yearbook Designer is pre-filled with layouts, covers and unique design elements sure to take any camp book from drab to fab.

Nobody likes baggage. Only need 300 camp book? No problem. Only want 10? You got it. There’s no minimum order requirement and ordering additional copies is never an issue.

We’ve got nothing to hide. A 20-page softcover camp book is just $9.49, and includes an eBook (if offered by the seller), four personalized pages for each book and free shipping on orders of 50 or more.

We operate at lightning speed! It takes no more than 3 weeks to print, ship and deliver your camp book — the fastest turnaround out there! Does this qualify us for superhero status?

We can help you plan and design your camp book, but you control the time line. Nothing is due until you’re ready to order. Your camp book. Your time. Your deadlines. You’re welcome.

Get started on your camp book with our free Yearbook Guidebook and video tutorials. Contact a Yearbook Support Specialist to seek advice or get answers to your burning camp book questions.

Free eBooks

Campers can share their memories with family and friends by downloading a digital eBook.