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More than 3,500 schools have switched to Picaboo Yearbooks.
It’s easier, less expensive, and delivered within 3 weeks with the quality you expect.

“We used to sign expensive contracts with traditional yearbook companies.”


“Since switching to Picaboo, we actually made money on the yearbook.”


“No more money lost from overestimating yearbook sales.”


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Picaboo Yearbooks

Traditional Yearbook Companies

Easy, less expensive, fast

Hard, expensive, slow

Simple pricing

You know exactly what you’re paying
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Complicated pricing

You often don’t know the true cost per book.

No hidden fees

Our pricing is totally transparent – never any hidden fees.

Hidden fees

You are often charged without knowing.

No minimum orders

Only pay for what you sell.

Minimum orders

You often end up with inventory of books you didn’t sell.

Single deadline

Only have one deadline, and that’s the time you place your order.

Multiple deadlines

You must submit finalized content multiple times throughout the year.

3 week turnaround

Include your spring activities.

6-8 week turnaround

Your spring activities are missed.

Easy software

No class or extensive training required.

Complicated software

Steep learning curve, often requires class.

Full online store access

You pick the store name and URL, change pricing any time and access real-time reporting.

Publisher controlled online store

Administrative hassle to setup yearbook store. No access to change site.

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Yearbooks for everyone

Schools throughout North America sing our praises!
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“Picaboo Yearbooks was an absolute pleasure. This was my ninth year making the yearbook and this was, by far, the easiest it has ever been. My fifth graders were able to make a lot of the book with very little help from me…We finished the book very quickly and I was surprised how fast we received the books. The yearbook quality was outstanding.”
Scott S. – Hemingway Elementary School

“I was reluctant to leave a “big” publisher, but Picaboo Yearbooks helped us create our best yearbook ever.”
Jon S. – Dixie Middle School

“We were very pleased with the final product of our yearbook — such great quality books! The students and staff couldn’t stop talking about how cool the yearbooks turned out. ”
Ruth M. – Belmont-Cragin Elementary School

“As a first-year yearbook sponsor I felt unsure and intimidated, but between the ease of using Picaboo’s web-based program and the assistance I got from my account manager, I had a wonderful experience. The software was simple but created an incredible product that I am proud of.”
Eden A. – Frankston High School

“As a first time yearbook adviser, this was the easiest process I could have imagined. The price was absolutely on target, the turnaround was very quick, and the final product was stunning and professional. If you know how to click a mouse you know how to create a beautiful and unique yearbook using Picaboo Yearbooks.”
Stacey K. – Westover Elementary School

“Parents raved about the professional look of our elementary school yearbook and loved the ability to personalize. It was a true keepsake!”
Kelly R. – Fairlawn Elementary School

“All of my dealings with Picaboo have been positive and of great benefit to myself and my journalism team. Because Picaboo does not require mid-year deadlines, we are able to cover more events in our K-12 yearbook. We’re seeing a profit in our yearbook sales for the first time ever!”
Cerise H. – Caprock Academy

“Picaboo Yearbooks is very personable and makes you feel like you are their only customer. This is important to me when I select a company to work with. This company gives a new concept to what yearbooks should be.”
Tammy G. – Poplarville Middle School


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