Spring into Picaboo for these Updates!

We are excited to announce quite a few updates:

We have greatly improved the user interface for layouts.  The layouts are now categorized and labeled AND you can save your own layouts (woot woot!).  Can’t find your favorite pre-designed layout? Click on the Layouts tab and select one of the following categories:

Layouts Dropdown


To save your own layout creations, click the blue Save Layout To My Layouts button and choose if you want to save the left page, right page or both pages. Your saved layouts can be found under “Saved Layouts” in the dropdown menu in the Layouts panel.


When a Team Member saves a layout, that layout gets associated with the Adviser so that everyone on the team will have access to the layout. You will also notice that all single page layouts are mirrored so you can pick a right or left page (this immediately doubles the amount of layouts).

If you’d like to use a layout from another page, select the blue hyperlink under the Save Layouts button and you will be taken to the Page Manager where you can import a previously used layout.

Staff Notes
You asked and we answered! Notes allow Advisers and Senior Editors to leave feedback on specific yearbook pages inside the app. Provide suggestions, communicate a task or leave a comment for anyone assigned to that section.


From inside the cover or pages, anyone who is designated the Adviser or a Senior Editor can create a note by selecting Notes on the left panel and adding a note.  The Adviser/Sr Editor selects where on the page the note icon will be placed and then types the note’s contents. Upon returning to that page, any staff member assigned to that section will see the note.

Any user can “resolve” a note, but only Advisers/Sr. Editors can delete them. Users can hide the notes for the remainder of the session by unchecking the box shown below the blue Add Note button.

As an added reminder, a count of unresolved notes will appear in the corresponding section of the Section Manager:

Section Manager

Notes will not print in the yearbook and do not appear on thumbnails or proofs. Notes are unrelated to locking a section or marking a section ready for review.

Read Mode
Preview is back and better than ever! Now called Read Mode, it can be accessed by clicking on Read Mode under the More >>View menu.


You cannot make any changes in Read Mode, but you can preview the entire book. When you get to the end of a section, keep clicking the forward arrow and the next section will load.


Password Protected Storefront
The optional Storefront password will add an additional layer of security for schools that want to ensure that only persons invited by the school can purchase a book. Advisers, access the Manage this Store link from your Storefront to implement this feature.


If you do activate password protection, please include this information on your Yearbook Sale Flyer. Our Parent Support Team will not be allowed to provide password information to callers, so it is important that you make parents and students aware of the password.

U.S. ADVISERS: We have implemented eChecks to expedite school invoice payments! Click here to learn more.

and last but not least…

Skipple Features
Can’t get enough of Skipple? Click here to see the latest and greatest updates.

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