Yearbook Photography Just Got Easier With Skipple

Does your school use Skipple? If not, you’re missing out on the best yearbook photography crowdsourcing app in the industry!

After receiving excellent feedback from our users, we have implemented a few new exciting features:

User Notifications
ADVISERS: Do you ever find yourself scrounging for photos at the very last minute? Do you ever have out-of-town events that none of your photographers can attend? Are you looking for new angles on the same ol’ events covered in the yearbook from year to year?

Using our Notifications feature, advisers can send a photo request S.O.S. to all Skipple users who have opted to receive notifications. 


You can also send out reminders for yearbook sales, portrait day and more!

Photo Feed Improvements
We now display the Skipple photos in their full glory on the photo feed — no more double clicking to see the entire image.  Double-click to zoom in and move around the photo.

Curiosity got the better of Skipple users and they demanded to know who “liked” their photos! Now, users can view their likes by clicking on the circle that displays the number of likes a photo has received. Click again to make the list disappear.

likesFor more information on how Skipple photos can be flowed directly into your yearbook project, click here. And follow Skipple on Instagram and Twitter to see how other schools are using Skipple to crowdsource photos of the best moments of the year. 


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