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Using a Yearbook Ladder Diagram


You wouldn’t embark on a road trip without a map, and you wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint. Well, you might, but having a guide would save you time, money and many headaches along the way. In yearbook planning, your ladder is your map, your blueprint and your headache medicine, all rolled up into one easy-to-read diagram.

A “ladder” is yearbook lingo for a page-by-page outline of your yearbook’s contents. It determines what you need, where it should go, and how many pages you’ll need to cover it, and it can also include due dates, assignments and more. Planning out your yearbook ladder should be one of your first priorities of the year, while last year’s yearbook is fresh on your mind and before you jump head first into coverage of this year’s book. It might seem like a lot of work up front, but we promise it will make the overall process much easier!


brainstormingHere’s a list of things you’ll need when filling out your ladder:


Reference your rosters, club lists and last year’s yearbook, then use the ladder planning worksheet to play around with and tally up some numbers. Use the calculator to make sure what you want fits in your budget, then when you’re ready, fill out the ladder diagram (in pencil!).

Pro tip: Print our downloadable ladder diagram, laminate it, then hang it on the wall where the entire class can see it. We recommend using dry-erase markers or projector pens to fill out the ladder so you can make changes and notes along the way.


High five! You’re using Picaboo to print your yearbooks, and thanks to our unique digital printing methods, ladder planning is a lot easier for you than it might be with other companies. With Picaboo, you are not tied to adding pages in increments of 4, 8 or 16. Our only requirement is that your yearbook ends on an even number. And because we print on a color press, there’s no need to carefully map out which pages will be printed in color, because with Picaboo, it’s all printed in color for no extra charge!

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