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Pinterest Picks: Outside the Box Yearbook Marketing

It’s National Yearbook Week and we hope you’re celebrating yourself and all the hard work you and your yearbook staff do throughout the year. National Yearbook Week is a great time to let them know they’re appreciated – whether that’s with special games and activities, a party, candy or small gifts. It’s also a great time to let the rest of the school know how great yearbooks are. Use this time to kick off a promotional and media blitz that will ramp up your yearbook sales.

Think outside the box when it comes to your yearbook marketing.  Here are a few inspiring examples from our Pinterest page:Outside the Box Yearbook Marketing | Picaboo Yearbooks

1. Create a meme! A “meme” – usually an image with funny wording on it – can be shared rapidly from person to person via the Internet. One of our favorites is the popular “Hey Girl” meme featuring a photo of Ryan Gosling.

2. Give them a sneak peek! People are always curious to see what will be in the yearbook before it comes out, so give them a sneak peek! Find unusual and eye-catching ways to display photos from the yearbook around school, with notes letting students know that they should buy a yearbook to see more.

3. Decorate your door! Give students a reminder every time they walk by the yearbook classroom with over-the-top door decorations! How could anyone forget to buy a yearbook after seeing this elephant?

4. Go old school! Posters have been used for years for a reason: because they work. Spend a day letting your staff create their own to plaster around the hallways, or download one of Picaboo’s pre-designed posters here.

5. Use sidewalk chalk! The school is surrounded by sidewalks, why not use them to your advantage? Get permission from the principal’s office first, then write messages and draw pictures in popular hangout spots like the courtyard or anywhere people hang out outdoors, reminding students to buy a yearbook!

6. Set up a photobooth! One day during National Yearbook Week, celebrate with a student photobooth. Set up a backdrop with props, either in the cafeteria or where students congregate before school, and let students go wild. Have a yearbook staff photographer there to capture the images, then consider dedicating a page of the yearbook to showcase the photos!

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