May the Fonts Be With You in 2016

As we begin a new year and a second semester of yearbook fun, it’s the perfect time to reflect back on 2015. What worked? What didn’t? What lessons did you learn?

Take a little time this month to make a list of things you’d like to do more or less of in the coming year – or maybe things you’d like to do differently. We’ll call this list your New Year(book) Resolutions. Write things down and pin them up where your staff members can see them, as a constant source of inspiration and renewed energy.

One of our recommended activities at the beginning of the new year is to spruce up your yearbook office. Do a supply check to make sure you have everything you need, and swap out your desktop wallpapers with something that will make your yearbook staff smile when they sit down to work.

We’ll get you started with a fun Star Wars-themed download for computers, iPhones and iPads. May the fonts be with you this year.

Fonts | Picaboo Yearbooks

1280×800  |  1680×1050  |  2880×1800
iPhone 6 |  iPad

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