Making a Homeschool Yearbook with Hannah Carpenter | Picaboo Yearbooks

Making a Homeschool Yearbook with Hannah Carpenter

We’ve teamed up with artist, Instagrammer and homeschool mom Hannah Carpenter as she sets out to create a homeschool yearbook with her kids using Picaboo Yearbooks. With our no minimum order policy, yearbooks can be a reality for everyone–even homeschool students! You can read more about Hannah and her family here, but for now, we’re checking in to see how the process of making the yearbook is going.

Making a Homeschool Yearbook with Hannah Carpenter | Picaboo Yearbooks

Over the last few years we have homeschooled, I’ve often wished I had documented our days. This year, we’re actually doing it! We’re creating a little yearbook together through Picaboo Yearbooks. So far so good, too!

I’m trying to sort-of give up creative control and let the kids enjoy the process and get carried away with the fun layouts and backdrops and artwork provided within the software. And while it is a lot of fun, the whole process teaches them a lot, too, which is of course, always a bonus.

They are encouraged to develop copy, edit photos, learn typing skills, and be creative. Yes, yes, yes!

And sort of selfishly, I love hearing them say to each other, “I remember that!” Or, “Hey! Let’s do that again!”

I like for them to collectively look through some of the good times we have shared over the year. It makes them forget some of the not-so-good times (fingers crossed). — Hannah

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