Build a Yearbook in Seven Days

What if we told you that you could build a yearbook in seven days and have the printed copies in hand less than three weeks later? You’d probably say we are nuts (and we wouldn’t blame you!). It may sound crazy, but it happens more often than you might think. In fact, ease-of-use and three-week turnaround are two core promises of Picaboo Yearbooks.

Want to create a yearbook but are afraid it’s too late in the year? Here’s your plan to build an entire yearbook in just three steps a day for seven days:


  1. Create an Account:  Go to PicabooYearbooks.com and click the red Get Started button to sign up for a free account. Once inside the app, click the blue plus sign to begin your project.
  2. Build your Ladder:  Using a class list and a copy of last year’s yearbook (if available), figure out how many pages you’ll need and create sections for an intro, class portraits and other content such as clubs, events and pages for candid photos.  
  3. Set Price and Start Selling:  Once you know how many pages you’ll need, you can set your sale price and launch your online storefront.  (You can skip this step if the school is footing the bill or you plan to take orders and collect money at the school. You’re welcome to do both.)


  1. Promote the Yearbook Sale:  Let parents and students know about the yearbook using email, posters, school announcements, social media, flyers and more. Use this communication to request photos, promote the online store URL and make parents aware of the upcoming sales deadline (Saturday!).
  2. Upload Your Portraits:  Ask the front office to provide you with the PSPA portrait CD your school photographer provided shortly after retakes. If it is not readily available, contact the school photographer and let them know you need a copy ASAP.
  3. Add Other Photos:  Gather and upload photos. Ask teachers, parents and, if applicable, students to share photos they have taken during the year. Organize the photos in the application by section.


  1. Finish your Cover:  Design your cover or select one of our professionally pre-designed Picaboo[Pro] covers.
  2. Add More Photos to the Yearbook:  Gather and upload photos. Ask teachers, parents and, if applicable, students to share photos they have taken during the year. Organize the photos in the application by section.
  3. Create your Portrait Section: Select your desired portrait layout and add any additonal design elements.


(This is a busy day, but YOU CAN DO IT!)

  1. Complete Non-Portrait Pages:  Use layouts from our library of predesigned options (creating your own layouts will take more time). Drag and drop photos into the pages and add captions as necessary. 
  2. Send Sales Reminder:  As applicable, send parents an email to remind them the deadline to order a yearbook is Saturday. Ask them to help spread the word via social media and word of mouth. 
  3. Request Final Photos: Assess the yearbook photos you’ve gathered so far and send out specific requests for ones you still need (can be combined with the email reminder above).


  1. Make it Fun: Use backgrounds and stickers to add some flare. Keep it simple and consistent. If you’ve used a Picaboo[Pro] cover, check out the coordinating stickers and backgrounds that compliment your theme.
  2. Talk to the Teachers: Print the PDF proof of each of the class pages and ask classroom teachers to double-check the names and portraits. You may want to be armed with chocolate this time of year.
  3. Find a Friend:  Ask someone else to look over the book. You can add as many viewers to your project as you’d like.


  1. Wrap Up: Finish any outstanding steps from previous days.
  2. Use Spellcheck: Click More >> Check Spelling.
  3. Proofread Again: Ask yourself the following questions:

• Is the cover design placed correctly?
• Do we have a balanced representation of all students in the yearbook?
• Have all name spellings been verified?
• Are all key elements placed within the margins on every page (noted by the purple line)?


(Great job — you’re almost done!)

  1. Lock your sections: A PDF proof will be emailed to you, so take one last look at your cover and pages.
  2. Place your order and release books into production.
  3. Sit back and relax: By using Picaboo Yearbooks, your yearbooks are guaranteed to arrive no later than three weeks from today.

Visit our Tutorials page to download our comprehensive Yearbook Guidebook or to watch helpful how-to videos. Our Knowledge Base is also full of helpful information.


Our team of experienced Yearbook Support Specialists can be reached at 855-537-0050, Monday thru Friday during from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Or you can email your Picaboo Yearbooks Account Manager here.

Want a printable version of this checklist? Click here.


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